MA+S Rendezvous

The goal is to create a community through:

  • Meeting face-to-face with other people who are interested in Media Arts + Sciences
  • Sharing ideas / methods / resources
  • Learning about the projects we’re all working on
  • Socializing and getting to know each other better

Our featured speaker will give a short review of their project(s) to give us a taste of what they’re thinking about and engage everyone in a discussion on the topic. Talks are very informal, often consisting of work in progress, and we encourage both “of the theory” and “of the practice” topics. The rest of the time will be open for general discussion. All those interested in Media Arts + Sciences at Duke are welcome!

Check out the schedule here!

Visualization Friday Forum

The Visualization Friday Forum seminar series is a forum for faculty, staff and students from across the university to share their research involving the development and/or application of visualization methodologies. Our goal is to build an interdisciplinary community of visualization experts whose combined knowledge can facilitate research and promote innovation.

Take a look at the upcoming and past schedules here!


VIS and other groups in Media Arts and Sciences offer workshops on useful skills and technologies.




Çatalhöyük @ DiVE was featured on Duke Today as well as on Duke’s YouTube Channel Çatalhöyük @ DiVE project seeks to make available to the Duke community and the general public a 1:1 scale, immersive representation of a mud brick Neolithic house (Build …


Museum of Life + Science Sound Space

The VIS group played a prominent role in the design and implementation of this permanent exhibition at the North Carolina Museum of Life + Science in Durham. The installation allows visitors to “hear” their movements as they move around the room, and s …


Innovation Co-Lab featured, links

The Innovation Co-Lab is a creativi …

3D Modeling Pipeline for Real-Time Visualization featured, tutorials

This workshop seeks to provide an o …